Wednesday, December 1, 2010

beauty #20: picture overload.

hello bloggy friends!
i am SUCH a slacker. this poor blog has been neglected for way too long...but i just christmas-tricked it out and now that this semester is winding down...i will have MUCH more time for blogging. i have been SO incredibly busy getting ready for finals and grad school. among other things. here's what's been going on with me. and like the title says...picture overload. but who doesnt love a great snapshot?

while i was gone...

my little took ANOTHER little.
her name is brittany and she is FABULOUS.
isn't she too pretty?? :)
my grandlil ALSO took a lil..making me a (cough cough) GREAT grandbig. sheesh.


my sweet cousin michelle finally had her baby!
meet evan banks templeton. 
definitely the cutest Auburn fan I've ever met!

check out those cheeks....precious right??

cousin lauren LOVES sweet baby evan!
alex was awarded the dr. aaron king football scholarship!
one proud sissy :)

alpha xi delta had SEMIFORMAL!!

my super sweet, super FUN date!

sweet bestie -- how pretty is she?! :)

best friend pic #2. check out our ballin shoes! her's were cheetah and mine has black feathers across the toes :) FAB!

...and last but NOT LEAST...
whitney turned 21!!!!!

we went to the georgia/georgia tech game. best friends divided! haha...TOO much fun in athens!

((storytime: every year, when one of the best friends turns 21....we make "the list." also known as....21 things to do on your 21st birthday! they are always absolutely insane but so funny! she didnt QUITE get all of them..but she definitely got close. thus is the only one to finish EVERYTHING! :) we had SO much fun celebrating whitney's birthday))

and this my friends....sums up the end of whitney's 21st birthday extravaganza! 

so like i has been SUPER crazy...but totally worth all these wonderful memories caught on film.
and i pinky promise it won't be that long until i blog next....because i have some EXCITING news to share :)