Monday, June 27, 2011

I could sing of your love forever..

Oh my good gracious I have fallen in love with eBay. My bestie Emily just recently turned me on to selling things on eBay...but everyone knows how much I love buying stuff WAYYY more than I love selling it. I've had to be careful because sometimes my competetiveness gets the best of me & I end up wanting to win things just because {haha!} But last night...I won what is probably the greatest find EVER.
now...everyone has heard of this wonderful woman...
Bobbi Brown. She is one of the top selling make-up professionals in the world. Her make-up is fabulous {and not necessarily budget friendly for a college gal} But...her stuff is great. So..being the always newly budget conscious girl that I am...I snooped around on eBay and was ECSTATIC to win these babies.

Yes, that is in fact a 15 piece Bobbi Brown make-up brush set (and it all comes in a fur case..presh!). I am SO proud of this find...because...after doing some research, I found that this set retails at $468. YEEKS! But this savvy shopper paid a whopping...$5.25. Hallelujah!! I am SO excited to get it in and try them out! And I want to encourage everyone to start eBaying for things they want/need before purchasing in a store. You might just save over $450 like moi. Have a great day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've got another confession to make..

First of all....sorry for the m.i.a. and the douchebag J broke up (and of course...I use the term break up loosely considering we were never officially in fabo...because he was too chicken shit cautious...but it's whatever). So I've been taking some time to myself & getting back into the swing of things. And's been a glorious couple of weeks. I've learned SO much about myself...things I really like, things I don't like, things I'm looking for in a person, things I simply won't settle on, and things I can/can't live without. Speaking of things I can't live are some of my recent LOVE finds (after Momma always said the best type of therapy is RETAIL therapy). And so...whilst on this journey...I have become addicted to:

It's ridiculous people. I was there THREE times last week...that's right. Three. Recent purchases include:

Too Faced Natural Eye...THE most perfect combinations of golds/browns...with a purple added in for fun :)

Too Faced Primed & Poreless...I have icky oily skin that does NOT do well with make-up. But this baby keeps it on all day and I LOVE it.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara...hallelujah the stuff is glorious. I have teeny tiny baby lashes and this stuff is hands down phenomenal.
Still addicted to:

More specifically...THESE two dress that I just bought....

LOVE them.
With this new single freedom in my life. amongst all the other changes I am going through...I have found a DEEP need for calm & peacefulness. This music has helped get me through the day....on more than one occasion...

Meet Jason Connelly. He's a local Georgia artist & a very good friend of my cousin Rena. I really wish the quality of this video was better...I've dowloaded BOTH of his albums on iTunes & I highly recommend them to everyone. Yet somehow, this is the only youtube video of him. Sad day. In addition to Jason, I have become oa huge fan of this guy (another recommendation from Rena...she's my go-to music gal!)

Ben Rector. Swoon. This song is absolutely perfect...along with pretty much anything & everything that comes out of his mouth.
Final addiction of the day...
Naked Green Machine (cue the ewww's & the grosssss's). I know, I's green. But have NO idea how good this stuff is. I have started drinking it EVERY morning & I love how good it makes me feel. My aunt found it at Costco in a HUGE jug and it wasn't nearly as expensive as it is in local grocery stores. I'm hooked.

So there you have it...some of my NEWEST must haves in my life. And I must is ALL working out for the best. Loving life! Til next time...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh, won't you play me some old Alabama..

Great news! Headed to that glorious state next Tuesday!! Why you might ask? For this reason right here:

BAM! Me & J are headed to the Bama Rising Benefit Concert in Birmingham! I have never been so excited!! :) I mean c'mon...I get to see this guy..

this guy...

{isn't he just too cute??}
this guy...

{oh hey luke bryan...where have you been all my life?? oh that's right...with Kerri}
and THIS guy...

{yummmmmm. cue lip bite. jake owen you are TOO smokin hott for words}
and last but not least...
these guys!

I've grown up listening to I am STOKED to be able to see them live! It is sure to be a GREAT concert and I am so excited that it's also for a good cause! Pictures to come so stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Caught up in a southern summer barefoot blue-jean night

Hello loves!
I hope everyone had a glorious Memorial Day weekend! My weekend was filled with pool time in the sun, sweet loving family & J in Birmingham! It was the first time J had met the Bama fam so he was super nervous! But he was just as charming as ever and won my entire family over...go figure! So Sunday, we had a graduation party at the house I will be moving to come August. There was lots of food, swimming, beer, laughs & last but not!
I have been so amazed at some of the awesome music that has come out the past few I thought I would share some of the fabulous songs recently added to my iPod on my Sweet Summertime playlist :)
Up first...of course...Jake Owen-Barefoot Blue Jean Night {which I know is a new fave of EVERYONE'S!}

Isn't he just to die for?? Yummmmm.
Up next...we have Lady A's newest gem - Just a Kiss.

I think that song is totally precious!

Next on the list is a song I heard for the first time this's Darius Rucker - I Got Nothin'
Now just how precious was that song??

And finally....we have THIS song. It is hands down my new favorite song of the summer. I give you...{drum roll please}
Brad Paisley feat. Carrie Underwood - Remind Me!!

I die.
How totally awesome does my girl sound in this song??
I frickin love it!
So...I hope you ALL add these summer songs to your playlists! Have a great Wednesday loves!