Monday, August 1, 2011

the prettiest girls are the happiest girls..

and let me just tell you...i have FOUND the key to happiness. let me tell you...tonight has been one GREAT night for me. this past weekend, i went to the lake with my cousins and while i LOVE being on the lake, soaking up the rays & splashing around after tubing...i am not so much a fan of what the summer does to my skin. i have weird skin. i odd statement right? but's very indecisive. like my face for example. ULTRA oily. it's gross. but the rest of my skin? dryer than the sahara. talk about one confused girl...sheesh. so i was looking for a way to repair my poor skin after the weekend of burntness i put on it. so to all my ladies...PAY ATTENTION NOW!
i found this lovely beauty whilst stalking browsing through lauren conrad's website.

homemade lemon salt scrub.
i. am. a. peeler. {hey...the first step is admitting it right?} once my skin has gotten too much sun, it is SURE to let me know. i was on the lake saturday and sunday, and i'm peeling on monday. ew. but as of about an hour ago...i am NO longer peeling like an onion. hallelujah! all thanks to this little baby! so...
you will need:
5 tablespoons of sea salt.
1 tablespoon of olive oil.
half of a lemon {squeezed please}
SO simple...all you do is mix the sea salt & olive oil first. then squeeze out the half of lemon into the mixture. oh yes, too easy for words.
now...make yourself a bath. ohhhh yes ladies, the hottest bath water you can stand. next...add in a couple drops of THIS lovely guy.

aveeno skin relief shower & bath oil. got it at wal-mart and it is fabulous! it makes your skin SO soft & the moisture you get from it is fab.
so...once your bathtub is nice & ready for you...turn on a little bit of this:

any channel that speaks to you will personal favorite?
THIS guy:

solely because he is my favorite country singin' H-O-double T-I-E!
so once you've scrubbed & soaked til your fingers get wrinkled...put on some of this:

y'all....i SWEAR this stuff has changed my life {or at least my skin's life} i put it on every night before i go to has completely changed my skin's softness, shininess...pretty much its overall awesomeness. if you take anything away from this post, please let it be to go buy some of this STAT. and that i am all relaxed and de-flaked {ha-ha}, i am headed to bed for a good night's rest! sleep tight girls!