Friday, May 27, 2011

picture of the day!

So...since I have moved home for the summer...I have found myself EXTREMELY bored. I mean honestly...I do laundry JUST to have something to do. Boredom is an awful disease. I sit around and watch soap operas all day long...yeeks. So while I was throwing myself a small pity party (sound familiar Whitney??), I decided I would start a new addition to the blog. So every once & a while, I will have a picture of the day. Hopefully all my sweet friends join in!

There are SO many things I love about this picture...
1. Let's discuss THE headband. I am obsessed with the sparkly bow. Just think...glitter AND a bow....all in one headband. I think YES!
2. This killer shirt I got from my friend Jenna's store DressU...DressU is a collegiate dress boutique and she sells some of the CUTEST clothes around. I love this baby pink & black lace top...pair with some black shorts and cute sandals and it is the perfect outfit for those hot summer nights!
3. And how bout them lashes girls?!?! All thanks to THIS new mascara...

Maybelline Great Lash BIG Mascara.
I die.
 And I use this phenomenal find as a base under my all-time favorite mascara in the world

Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara.
I suggest it to EVERY gal I know. I have TINY, little baby eyelashes but this combo really makes them pop & stand out. that I'm looking pretty...I'm going to hangout with J since he just got in to town!! We are headed to Birmingham this weekend for Memorial Day! Hope you all have a glorious long holiday weekend!

Much love!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exactly where I'm supposed to be...

It's official.
I moved the remainder of my things out of the sorority house today.
I can't believe it...
I was boxing up four years of my life.
Four years of something that has consumed my life.
These girls have become my best everything.
So as I was packing...and hysterically crying...I started finding all sorts of things.
Old clothes...EVERYWHERE.
Trash (please don't judge)....EVERYWHERE.
And then I found this...

An old Dove chocolate wrapper...."You are exactly where you are supposed to be."
I can't believe my college years are over. That I will never actually LIVE in my sorority house again. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be an Alpha Xi Delta. SO appreciative for the wonderful people God brought to me through the sorority. I stand in awe of the love they have given my life. SO thankful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams and go to grad school. And so excited to be here...exactly where I'm supposed to be.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am so excited to be linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

First & foremost....I'M LOVING...
that Scotty was JUST announced the winner of American Idol! I have adored him from the beginning and while I am a huge fan of my fellow Georgia gal Lauren...I think Scotty has an amazing talent. I will buy EVERY album this cutie-pie ever releases! And I may or may not attend one of his concerts....ok, let's be serious...I'll be there!

Let's be precious is he?!? ;)

my new MAKEUP! Disclaimer: i have ALWAYS been a Clinique girl...and proud of it too baby! Skincare, name it, I had some type of Clinique in it. And I've always loved it...ask my friends! Except skin hasn't really been approving. I have SUPER oily skin but I LOVE the look of a matte make-up. So my newest solution?

That's right...I am now a bareMinerals girl! And I LOVE it. It gives me GREAT coverage and I am YET to have that nasty shine that doesn't look so cute in pictures! And what's great is that it doesn't rub off! I don't have to touch up is absolutely MAH-VELOUS!

 anything & everything from Ann Taylor LOFT!! My best friend Diana's mom Kim (who we like to refer to as KIMLEY!) just recently started working there so she is always calling about new shipments and sales! 
the LOFT's shorts!! I am a short gal (5' 1"ish). So shorts can always be tricky for me. I've gotten to the point where the scandalous short-shorts that appeals to me in high just make me look like a hoochie (and we can't be havin that y'all!). But if I buy certain shorts with longer inseams...I look like I have on boy shorts (and i mean...literal boy's shorts). But these shorts are the PERFECT length...they have a wonderful inseam. I may or may not have bought them in the following colors: blue jean, black, white, khaki, yellow, pale pink and olive green. Did I mention I'm obsessed?? Check out these other gems I recently purchased!

Aren't they all presh?? And what's great...since I graduated from college...all my wonderful friends & family that love me so much have been sending me gifts. And my super sweet god-sista got me a gift card to the LOFT!! (she knows me so well!) Can't wait to splurge!

that we are halfway through the week and I get to see my sweetie in two days!!

that we are headed to the BRAVES game Friday!! Yay for date nights! :)

and I get to see THIS hunk!!

Good Lord isn't he sexy?? I've loved him since I was 7...FYI...

And last but not least...
that in less than two SWEET best friend is FINALLY coming home from Costa Rica!! AHHHHH!! In case you don't follow Whitney here, you should! And to update you, she is STUDYING ABROAD in Costa Rica for an entire month! She's been gone for two weeks and I miss her like crazy! But luckily, she comes home June 5th!! 11 days!! Woo hoo!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!! Halfway folks!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

beauty #....well let's just discuss a few things...

My life has changed SO much since my last post...back in *cough cough* November! Yeeks! I'm such a slacker...but I am taking a new initiative with this blog. My life is about to be in a whirlwind of change. For example...


It was a bittersweet semester for me...I'm leaving behind some of the most amazing people I have ever been blessed to know. But I am SO excited for my future...AND for my best friends' futures.
Here is Emily, Kelly & myself after graduation

I am so excited to see what life has in store for us!  But right now...we are ALL enjoying summer.

2. I am MOVING!
to where you might ask?
behold...THIS beautiful state...
it's a GLORIOUS thing people!

Alabama the Beautiful...I can think of NO greater way to describe this state. I am SO excited to spend the next two years of my life with my dad's family. I will be moving in with my Uncle Mike & Aunt Kira & their 18 year old son Ben. Ben is going into his senior year and I am tickled the death that he is so excited to have me as a roomie! Ben is an AWESOME football player (quarterback babyyy!) and baseball player. I can't wait to spend a year with him to watch him grow and decide on his future...he's already received TWO offers to play football. KEEP 'EM COMIN' FOLKS! He's the bomb! ;)

3. Why move to Alabama you might ask?? For GRAD SCHOOL!! Yes folks, while I was away, I was accepted to not just one, but BOTH graduate schools I applied to. And if you remember from here, I was dying to go to Auburn University. And I was...believe it or not...ACCEPTED! And as exciting as that was, there was another school that pulled at my heartstrings. I went to visit the program and fell in LOVE with all the professors, the clinic, and even the students I met that already went there. And better yet, it is only 15 miles from Birmingham, where all my sweet family lives. So you may be wondering...what IS this school of choice?? Here you have it...the WONDERFUL University of Montevallo!!

The more I visit...the more I fall in love. I cannot WAIT to start classes August 29th. I chose Montevallo because while I will always love Auburn, had I gone there, I would have received the same degree as I would have from West Georgia (a Master's of Education in Speech-Language Pathology). And while that would get the job done, at Montevallo, I will be receiving a Master's of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Basically, I will have a better variety of topics covered in grad school and I will learn MORE about the medical setting rather than the education or school setting...I truly am beyong excited to attend this school in the fall :)

4. I cut my hair...and now I regret it.
see the pretty long blonde-ness??

and now...
not terrible...but NO hope for a ponytail.

And so...the remainder of my summer will be spent growing out my hair. Let the waiting game begin!

and for the final BIG change in my life...

5. I fact...DATING someone.
meet the boy...we will be referred to as J for his own sake :)

more details on this sweet boy to stay tuned!

So this is where I am right now...somewhere in the middle of graduation, a move, sweet puppy love and a not so loving haircut. I am making this my solemn vow to be a better blogger...because the people whose ears I talk off....are ready for me to talk to other people :) Til then...goodnight bloggy friends!