Wednesday, July 27, 2011

someone please tell me...

how to make me look like carrie underwood in this music video

i have been obsessed with this song practically all summer...and now that there is a music video...i simply CANNOT get enough of it. did y'all see how gorgeous she looks? holy smokes...jealous doesn't even come close.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

So we hit the boulevard, last friday night...girls night! :)

that's right...last friday night was GIRLS NIGHT! it's one of my favorite nights of the year...we all get dolled up, decked out, and we hit the town! this year we did something we've never done a HOTEL room in atlanta. best daggum idea ever. we had the BEST time...and i think i'll let {some} of the pictures speak for themselves.
cheers :)

dresses :)

kell bell gettin her hair curled

me & sweet kelly--in our prom pose of course

laughing with D...probably at Kelly

sweet friends before we went out

at Acoustix--jazz bar in downtown..SO cool
forgive me for the following pictures...we had a LOT of fun haha

i mean...could she get any cuter?? ;)

hahaha...speechless when i found this picture this morning

a deer who wants some water??

apparently i composed myself enough to take a decent picture..

stephany the lioness..pahaha

ONE decent group shot

bahahahaha KELLY! {side story: everyone knows "the face"...the kissy-kiss face. and just about everyone on the planet has made this face in a picture. and just about everyone on the planet can take a kissy face picture...EXCEPT kelly. typically...she ends up looking like the above. TOO funny & has provided us with tons of laughs for years}

she finally gave up...kisses for kelly!

back to the hotel room

i laughed at this picture for a solid 5 minutes...kelly tried to be a professionaly photographer. until she realized the photographer's legs aren't supposed to be in the picture.

so in love with this picture...gotta love my best friend. i can't believe she's leaving for texas in ONE WEEK. {kelly just graduated from the air force academy and will be stationed over there...i'm SO proud of her and i'm going to miss her like crazy!! but so excited for trips to texas, cowboy boots in hand}

best friends since kindergarten. love my sweet D...she is the *cough cough* EXECUTIVE producer of the wtvm morning news in columbus. she got the job immediately after graduation..she would die if she knew how much i was bragging on her but i am SO proud of her!
they liked our picture so they wanted one of their them

then kelly fell off the bed...te he.
all in all, it was a successful girls night. full of love, laughter and a painful morning after.
sweet dreams loves,
p.s...who is watching the women's world cup game?? THIS CHICK SURE IS! USA! USA! USA! ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

i'm so excited!...and i just can't hide it!!

this chick is SO super excited for some things coming up {on AND off the tube} in the near future!! for example...

sweet home alabama premieres TONIGHT! i am beside myself with excitement...for those of you who DON'T know {which is pitiful i might add} it's like a bachelorette series bama style! 10 city slickers {ew} & 10 country boys {can i get an amen??} will be competing for this pretty blonde's heart. interested? click here
another reason for this gal's excitement??
remember when my sweet sorority sister Kate got married? you see...kate looks a little like this ;)

that's right...she's 7 1/2 months pregnant with a sweet baby BOY on the way! and this sunday is her baby shower for sweet Bryant and I am SOOO excited to see her & celebrate with her :)
and finally...the biggest, most exciting this coming up...TOMORROW IS GIRL'S NIGHT!
girl's night holds a VERY special place in my and three of my best, closest friends from high school made a tradition throughout college to get together every summer & winter break when the ones that went away came home from school & we go out in Atlanta. we get dolled up & decked out, put on our super high heels and forget any & all responsibility we may have. we all look forward to it every semester...and this summer marks our 4 year anniversay for girls night. so what better way than to go all out?? we will be getting a hotel in atlanta & partying all night long! i'll keep y'all posted on how it goes ;)
til & xoxo

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

blessings - laura story.

Heard this for the first time today and I thought I would share. Definitely opened my eyes to some things & changed the way I feel about other things...hope y'all enjoy!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

true life: i'm a huge wuss..

and I am perfectly ok with that. sorry i'm a little late at blogging this week...i've been in good ole B'ham this past week with my sweet bestie Whitney getting everything all ready for the BIG MOVE! i am starting to get super excited!
anyways...back to what i was saying...i'm a huge pansy.
so two weeks ago i went to the doctor to get my annual physical & to get a TB skin test done for grad school. so i went, they took some blood {ick...i know...forgive only gets worse from here} and i went about my day feeling happy & fabulous. well...three days later, my doctor called me & asked me to come back in for more blood testing & this time, she didn't want me to eat anything after midnight {i learned later this is called fasting blood work}. i got kinda nervous &  asked her why, and apparently my glucose had been high. well...for those of you that aren't aware...when you google said problem you get the following results, in this order of likelihood:
1. diabetes {umm...whaaat?}
2. acute stress {....i'm always stressed...but it's whatev}
3. cushing syndrome {what the hell is that??}
4. pancreatic cancer {panic ensues}
so now that i'm good & freaked out...i go back to the doctor for more bloodwork. let's discuss some things really fast: i am FREAKED out. i had to pay $35 for this nonsense again...NOT a happy girl. i hate anything and everything involving needles. great. so here i am waiting for the lady to come in & take my blood...she gets out the needle and squeezes my arm. stick. stick. stick. SHE HAS MISSED THREE TIMES. so finally i'm like..."lady, what are you doing??" {i may or may not have been crying at this point}. she then SWITCHES arms...lovely. stick...she says "i got it this time!" {oh i'm sorry, did you not think you could do it?? sheesh} i hear her a few seconds later, "oh wow, this isn't wanting to drain." and then i looked down {WORSTE MISTAKE EVER}. the nurse is wiggling the needle in my arm. and then it happened...i got sick. she grabbed the trashcan in the room and handed it to me while i finished. so embarassing...but at this point i really didn't care. i was totally pissed. so needless to was NOT a good week for me last week. we are still waiting to hear back with my bloodwork results and i will keep you posted! {and for your viewing pleasure...the reason i hate needles}:
this was my poor arm after leaving the doctor...

my poor arm just an hour after being home...dumb nurse.

and THIS is my arm the next morning. NOT a happy girl.
hope y'all had a better last week than i did & a super fabulous 4th!