Saturday, July 16, 2011

So we hit the boulevard, last friday night...girls night! :)

that's right...last friday night was GIRLS NIGHT! it's one of my favorite nights of the year...we all get dolled up, decked out, and we hit the town! this year we did something we've never done a HOTEL room in atlanta. best daggum idea ever. we had the BEST time...and i think i'll let {some} of the pictures speak for themselves.
cheers :)

dresses :)

kell bell gettin her hair curled

me & sweet kelly--in our prom pose of course

laughing with D...probably at Kelly

sweet friends before we went out

at Acoustix--jazz bar in downtown..SO cool
forgive me for the following pictures...we had a LOT of fun haha

i mean...could she get any cuter?? ;)

hahaha...speechless when i found this picture this morning

a deer who wants some water??

apparently i composed myself enough to take a decent picture..

stephany the lioness..pahaha

ONE decent group shot

bahahahaha KELLY! {side story: everyone knows "the face"...the kissy-kiss face. and just about everyone on the planet has made this face in a picture. and just about everyone on the planet can take a kissy face picture...EXCEPT kelly. typically...she ends up looking like the above. TOO funny & has provided us with tons of laughs for years}

she finally gave up...kisses for kelly!

back to the hotel room

i laughed at this picture for a solid 5 minutes...kelly tried to be a professionaly photographer. until she realized the photographer's legs aren't supposed to be in the picture.

so in love with this picture...gotta love my best friend. i can't believe she's leaving for texas in ONE WEEK. {kelly just graduated from the air force academy and will be stationed over there...i'm SO proud of her and i'm going to miss her like crazy!! but so excited for trips to texas, cowboy boots in hand}

best friends since kindergarten. love my sweet D...she is the *cough cough* EXECUTIVE producer of the wtvm morning news in columbus. she got the job immediately after graduation..she would die if she knew how much i was bragging on her but i am SO proud of her!
they liked our picture so they wanted one of their them

then kelly fell off the bed...te he.
all in all, it was a successful girls night. full of love, laughter and a painful morning after.
sweet dreams loves,
p.s...who is watching the women's world cup game?? THIS CHICK SURE IS! USA! USA! USA! ;)



awww it looks like you had so much fun :)) everyone loves a good girls night!!


Mrs. T

You girls are all so gorgeous! Looks like you had a blast!! :)


How fun are you all! I saw your comment about my sis white jeans, they are from Wet Seal! Good luck finding them! :) xo

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